James Patrick Gavin, hailing from North London, is a multi-instrumentalist composer with musical and family roots running from Northern Ireland to the Basque Country.

Steeped in Irish music, his unique approach to guitar and fiddle is described as “magnificent in its irreverence” (Folk Radio UK). Working at the forefront of London’s folk music scene, James can be found amongst the ranks of TEYR, The Rad Orchestra, Jez Hellard and beyond.

Listen to his new debut album ‘Chewing The Fat’


The debut solo album ‘Chewing The Fat‘ out now, explores Gavin’s musical heritage and actuality, navigating the lay-lines between the London Irish and Fermanagh.

The collection of originals and traditionals features guest musicians Tommie Black-Roff, Seamus Gavin, Jez Hellard, Dominic Henderson, J Eoin, Órlaith McAuliffe, Hugh O’Neill, Adrian Lever, Paddi Benson and Tad Sargent. Buy the new album on Bandcamp as a physical copy or download.

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For enquiries and bookings email jpgavinmusic@gmail.com

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